The holidays are here and if you’re like many pet lovers, you want pet photos of your adorable furry family members. However, many pets are not great models. In fact, some are downright resistant to showing their cuteness to your camera.

Planning and preparation are the keys to good pet photography. So, in the spirit of the holidays we’d like to offer you five ways to get a great shot of your pets.


1)  Make sure your lighting is good – Nothing ruins a picture faster than bad lighting. Go outside or get near a big window during daylight hours. If you use a flash, your pet will likely get red-eye which detracts from your picture. Plus, flashes can scare some pets.

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2) Aim for a quiet moment – When your pet is tired they may be more likely to accommodate you. This is especially true if you’re dressing them up in costume. Speaking of costumes, if you plan to turn your pug into an elf for the occasion, you might want to have someone else dress them so that you’re ready with the camera as soon as the hat goes on. Every second counts!

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3) Get on their level – Your pet is shorter than you. Consider kneeling on the floor or the ground to photograph them. You never know what magic may happen when you’re on their level.

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4) Go for the element of surprise— When your pet is happily playing, quietly start snapping away. You can have a helper call your pet’s name so she looks up. Have your finger on the button when this moment comes.

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5) Hire a professional – If you want to ensure fantastic shots, nothing beats a professional photographer. Pennsylvania based photographer Terree O’Neill Yeagle says, “Pet photographers are experienced with capturing moments quickly and keeping pets engaged with the camera.”


So there you have it–great lighting and patience are some of the keys to successful pet portraits!

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logoA new airline dedicated exclusively to pets takes off in the United States on July 14 and is reportedly coming to Canada next year.

Pet Airways will offer flights to destinations including Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and New York.

Pets travel in their own carriers in the main cabin of a 19-passenger turbo-prop plane, not in the cargo hold as with most airlines.

Owners aren’t allowed on board and must fly separately.

Pet Airways is the brainchild of Alissa Binder and her husband, Dan Wiesel, who came up with the idea after they took their aging Jack Russell, Jack, on a cross-country flight. Like other pets, Jack had to fly in cargo.

“We were totally stressed out,” Wiesel told ABC News. “We didn’t know if she was on the flight, didn’t know how she was doing.”

The company says pet attendants will care for the animals in a cabin with no seats and no overhead bins and that there are vets on board. To prevent pets from getting sick, there won’t be any beverage or snack service.

Online tracking

Pet attendants will monitor their clients every 15 minutes and provide regular potty breaks, according to the company’s website. Also the owner can check the flight status from website.

One-way fares for Chicago to Los Angeles start at $199 US. Tickets from Los Angeles to New York start at $299 US. Pet Airways also offers an online service for tracking your pet’s flight.